Buy JUUL in New Zealand

Buy JUUL in New Zealand

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Buy JUUL in New Zealand

It’s the most popular e-cigarette in the United States by a wide margin. It’s in the news every day, and it’s the choice of millions of former smokers who have successfully made the switch to vaping. Now, you can finally buy JUUL in New Zealand and find out what all the hype is about.

The JUUL starter kitcosts just $139. Click now to order! We offer:

  • Free, lightning-fast shipping to New Zealand and Australia
  • A 30-day return policy on unused items in their original packaging

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What Is the JUUL?

The JUUL is the world’s most popular pod vaping system. A pod system is the best e-cigarette for new vapers because it’s so easy to use. Each JUUL pod is a drop-in unit that contains both the e-cigarette’s flavoured nicotine e-liquid and the heating coil that turns the liquid to vapour. One JUUL pod contains about the same nicotine as a pack of full-flavoured cigarettes – and since each pod includes a new heating coil, you’ll never get anything but the freshest, boldest flavours when you vape with the JUUL.

When you buy JUUL in New Zealand, your starter kit will include four delicious flavours. You will absolutely love the way these e-liquids taste.

  • Virginia Tobacco
  • Cool Mint
  • Crème Brûlée
  • Mango

Why Is the JUUL the Best E-Cigarette in New Zealand?

The JUUL Is the Most Stylish E-Cigarette

In the early years of the vaping industry, many companies attempted to produce e-cigarettes that looked like tobacco cigarettes. Vaping isn’t smoking, so why would anyone want it to look like smoking? The JUUL looks like what it is: a luxury consumer electronic device. It’s small and discreet, and it makes a statement about the new tobacco-free lifestyle you’ve chosen.

The JUUL Is Easy to Use

Smoking is easy. If you want to make the switch to vaping a successful one, vaping should be easy too. The JUUL is so simple – just push in a pod and enjoy. Puff gently to enjoy the biggest, most flavourful vapour clouds that the JUUL can produce. When the pod loses its flavour, pull it out and push in a new one. Each JUUL pod lasts for around 200 puffs.

Charging the JUUL battery is also simple. In the JUUL starter kit, you’ll find a low-profile USB charger. Since the charger takes up little space, you can leave it connected to your laptop if you like; it won’t interfere with your normal computer use. When the JUUL battery is low, just drop it into the charger. The charger and battery are magnetic, so the battery stays in place.

While you use the JUUL, you can check the status of the battery by touching the indicator light on top twice. If the light glows green, the battery is nearly full. If it glows orange, the battery is half depleted. If it glows red, it’s nearly time to recharge the battery.

The JUUL Is the Most Satisfying E-Cigarette for NZ Smokers

For many, the most exciting aspect of the JUUL isn’t what it looks like or how it works – it’s what’s inside the pods. The JUUL was the first e-cigarette to popularize a new form of e-liquid called nicotine salt e-liquid. The nicotine in tobacco is a salt, and nicotine salt e-liquid mimics natural nicotine more closely than other forms of e-liquid. The JUUL delivers a full-bodied throat hit that feels just like smoking, and that’s how the JUUL has enabled smokers to switch to vaping by the millions.

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