How to Refill a JUUL Pod

How to Refill a JUUL Pod

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How to Refill a JUUL Pod: Reuse JUUL Pods and Save Money

The JUUL e-cigarette is an incredibly successful product with millions of satisfied users around the world. If you’re a long-term JUUL owner, though, you know that the JUUL has just one problem: The pods are expensive – especially if you buy JUUL pods in New Zealand or Australia because JUUL products are so hard to get here. The reason why JUUL starter kits are so affordable is because JUUL Vapor doesn’t earn the majority of their money by selling the kits. They earn their money on the refill pods! Each JUUL pod is a sealed environment intended for use only once. When a pod runs out of e-liquid, you’re supposed to discard it and begin using a new one.

What if you didn’t have to throw a JUUL pod away after just one use? What if you could refill JUUL pods instead? A 30 ml bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid costs as little as $29 and can refill more than 30 JUUL pods. How much money could you save? You could save a bundle – that’s how much!

Reading this article, you’re going to learn how to control your vaping costs by reusing JUUL pods.

Before we begin, though, let’s discuss the problems you might encounter when you refill your JUUL pods.

The Drawbacks of Refilling JUUL Pods

JUUL pods are expensive. The benefit of using a vaping system like the JUUL, though, is that every pod is a sealed environment that’s made according to tight specifications and should work flawlessly from the beginning of the pod to the end. As soon as you crack a pod open, though, you introduce the possibility of adding problems that didn’t exist before. If you don’t feel like going through the hassle, buying refillable JUUL pods is a great alternative. These are some of the drawbacks and potential problems you might encounter when you reuse JUUL pods.

  • Refilling JUUL pods takes time. It’s a bit of a hassle compared to simply buying pods designed for reuse.
  • Your pods may break. The plastic tabs that hold the pods together are very fragile.
  • Your pods may leak or spit. We’ll provide some tips that can help you minimize those problems, but breaking the seal on a JUUL pod always increases the possibility that e-liquid will get where it shouldn’t be. You may need to clean your JUUL more often to prevent e-liquid from seeping through to the interior of the device.
    • Each JUUL pod contains a tiny atomizer coil with an expected lifespan of around 200 puffs. The design specifications don’t account for the possibility of extended use as the pods aren’t intended for refilling. Most people report that they can refill JUUL pods several times each. There’s always a possibility, though, that the atomizer coil in any given pod won’t last that long.
    • There are many nicotine salt e-liquids that include added sweeteners. Sweeteners make an e-liquid taste great – as sweet as candy – but they also leave deposits that shorten coil life.

    Refilling Your JUUL Pods: What You Need

    To reuse your JUUL pods and have the best possible chance of reliable, leak-free operation, you’ll need these items.

    • Bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid; you’ll want a nicotine strength of 50 mg to match the strength of your JUUL pods
    • Latex gloves (optional)
    • Thin, narrow flathead screwdriver
    • Small tweezers
    • Paper towels and/or organic cotton pads

    Let’s begin refilling your JUUL pod!

    How to Refill a JUUL Pod

    Removing the Mouthpiece

    • Wear the latex gloves. During this procedure, you may get e-liquid on your hands. The gloves protect against the possibility of absorbing nicotine through the skin.
    • Hold the JUUL pod so the narrow side faces you. Place the screwdriver just under the black mouthpiece and pry gently to release the tab. Turn the pod around and repeat this step with the other tab. Lift the black mouthpiece away from the clear section of the pod. Under the mouthpiece, you’ll see the rubber plug that seals the pod.

    Cleaning the Mouthpiece

    • Invert the mouthpiece. Inside, you’ll see two small cotton pads. The pads absorb e-liquid droplets and help to prevent the JUUL pod from spitting e-liquid into your mouth. Although it isn’t necessary to clean or replace the pads, you’ll have a much better vaping experience if you do.
    • Remove the pads with the tweezers.
    • Dry the pads thoroughly with paper towels. Alternatively, you can discard the original pads and replace them with two small pieces of organic cotton. Use the tweezers to push the pads into their slots.

    Filling the JUUL Pod

    • Remove the rubber plug from the bottom section of the pod with the tweezers. This exposes the inner reservoir of the JUUL pod.
    • Add e-liquid to the main reservoir of the pod – not the metal chimney in the middle – until the e-liquid reaches the line near the top of the reservoir.
    • Compress the pod by pushing the wide sides gently with your finger and thumb.
    • Replace the rubber plug and release your finger and thumb. The pressure creates a weak vacuum that helps to prevent the pod from leaking.

    Reassembling the JUUL Pod

    • Replace the mouthpiece. Push down gently until the tabs click.
    • Hold a paper towel over the bottom part of the pod. Blow gently through the mouthpiece to clear excess e-liquid out from the airflow holes. When no more e-liquid comes out, the pod is ready to use.

    Using Your Refilled JUUL Pod

    You’re all set – you’ve successfully refilled your JUUL pod. If the JUUL gods are smiling on you, you’ll enjoy trouble-free vaping until the pod is empty again. When you begin using the new pod, though, puff gently at first to clear any remaining e-liquid out of the chimney. When you no longer hear gurgling, you can vape as normal.

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