Introducing the Myle Pod Vaping System

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“Where can I find Myle pods near me?”

Here at Premium Vape, we’ve heard you loud and clear. If you haven’t heard about Myle pods yet, you’re looking for a JUUL alternative that can deliver better flavours and a more modern vaping experience at a lower cost. If you have heard about Myle pods, you simply want to know when your favourite New Zealand vape shop will start carrying them. That time is now.

View our selection of Myle pods and Myle vaping devices here.

What’s Special About Myle Pods?

Now that you know you can get Myle pods in New Zealand, your first reaction will probably be to ask how the Myle vs. JUUL devices compare. Let’s begin with the flavours. The list of Myle pod flavours reads like the greatest hits lists of today’s most popular e-liquid makers.

  • Poundcake: The ultimate e-liquid for bakery fans. Sweet cake with plenty of sugar and butter.
  • Iced Mint: Crisp, chilly mint e-liquid designed to appeal to former menthol smokers.
  • Iced Watermelon: Frozen watermelon flavour delivering flawless summer refreshment.
  • Sweet Mango: Bold, fruity and perfect for JUUL converts.
  • Sweet Tobacco: Try this flavour first if you’ve found JUUL an unsatisfying replacement for tobacco cigarettes.
  • Iced Apple Mango: Sweet, sour and cold, this is a fruity flavour that offers something for everyone.
  • Iced Quad Berry: Mixed berries served over ice. Could life get any better?
  • Tropical Fruit Mix: Not your average tropical e-liquid. Mixed fruits blended with rich coconut milk.

The flavour list for the JUUL e-cigarette, on the other hand, reads like what it is: a good list of basic e-liquid flavours designed to appeal to people new to vaping. If you’re here reading about Myle pods, though, you’re probably not new to vaping. You’ve completed your transition from smoking to vaping and are looking for something that does a little more than simply satisfying your nicotine needs. You’re looking for something that also pleases your palate. We think you’ll agree that the Myle pod vaping system offers a far more interesting flavour selection.

A More Affordable – and Available – Vaping Experience

We aren’t just carrying Myle pods here at Premium Vape because they taste great. We also carry them because a growing contingent of our customers have begun to request a vaping solution that’s just as convenient as the JUUL without the same large expense. Myle pods aren’t just less expensive than JUUL pods; they’re also significantly larger. With dozens of extra puffs in each pod, Myle is a vaping device that’ll definitely help to leave some extra money in your pocket.

JUUL users often visit our site wondering whether their favourite flavours will be out of stock. JUUL is fraught with supply chain issues, and many of the most popular flavours are extremely difficult to find – especially here in New Zealand. When we made the decision to begin carrying Myle pods, we acquired enough stock to ensure that you’ll never have to worry about product availability.

Using Your Myle Pods

Buying the Myle Vaping Device

If you’re already a JUUL owner, using the Myle pod vaping system will be second nature. If you’re not, though, a little primer is in order. The first thing you need to know about Myle is that the devices and pods are sold separately. When you buy the Myle e-cigarette, don’t forget to add a package of pods to your cart before checking out.

Charging the Battery

When you receive the package, the first thing you’ll want to do is charge the battery. Connect the included battery charger to your computer and place the Myle device on the charger so the bottom of the device touches the charger’s metal contacts. The Myle device immediately lights up to indicate that the battery is charging. The charger has a magnet that holds the device securely in place. When the lights turn off, the charge cycle is complete.

Installing a Myle Pod and Vaping

When the Myle battery is done charging, it’s time to vape. Unwrap a pod. Remove the protective cap from the bottom of the pod, and then push the pod straight down into the body of the Myle device. Push gently until you feel the pod click into place.

The Myle vaping system is a draw-activated device that senses the change in air pressure when you puff and generates vapor automatically. Puff on the Myle as if it were a cigarette. When you use the device, the indicator lights turn on to show you the current status of the battery. The lights stay on for a few seconds after each puff, so you’ll have no trouble knowing when it’s nearly time to charge the battery. If only one indicator lights up, the battery is nearly dead.

Replacing Your Myle Pods

Most people find that a full Myle pod delivers more than 100 puffs of pleasure before it’s time for a swap. The clever cutout on the side of the Myle device makes it easy to see how much e-liquid remains in your pod. Not getting any flavour or vapour when you puff? Check the pod. If the pod is empty, replace it. If you can still see e-liquid in the pod, though, it’s possible that an air bubble is preventing e-liquid from feeding through to the heating coil. Give the pod a few light taps to break the bubble.

The Myle Pod System Is About to Become Your New Favourite Vaping Device

We hope you’ve enjoyed our overview of the fabulous Myle pod vaping system. We’ve anticipated that our customers are going to love this device, so we’ve acquired plenty of each flavour to ensure that you’ll never have to visit our site wondering if your favourite Myle pods are sold out. With a spectacular range of flavours, an appealing price and a vaping experience that bests the JUUL in every respect, we believe that you’re going to love the Myle as much as we do. Grab your Myle device and a box of pods today!

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