NZ Pod Vaping Systems: Pros and Cons

NZ Pod Vaping Systems: Pros and Cons

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Have you heard? You can now buy JUUL in New Zealand right here from Premium Vape. The JUUL starter kitcosts just $139.00 and includes free lightning-fast shipping to New Zealand and Australia. Is the JUUL the best e-cigarette in New Zealand? If you’re currently a smoker, we’d have to answer that question with an unqualified “yes.” If you’ve already switched to vaping, though, the answer isn’t quite so clear cut. The JUUL is part of a new generation of e-cigarettes called pod vaping systems, and pod-based devices aren’t necessarily best for all vapers. In this article, we’ll present a balanced look at the pros and cons of pod vaping systems to help you make an informed buying decision.

What Are Pod Vaping Systems?

A pod vaping system is any vaping device that stores its e-liquid in a hollow – and usually disposable – plastic pod. In the past, small e-cigarettes stored their e-liquid in cylindrical cartridges stuffed with cotton or synthetic gauze. Since the older cartridges were opaque, they made it impossible to see how much e-liquid remained. The gauze also tended to impede airflow and vapour production. Pod systems, in comparison, are better in every way. They offer better airflow, vapour production, flavour and battery life.

Although they are better than small, cigarette-shaped e-cigarettes in every way, pod vaping systems aren’t the only vaping devices that exist. There are also larger devices such as vape pens with refillable tanks. The Joyetech eGo AIOis one such device.

So, how do pod vaping systems compare to vape pens and other larger vaping devices?

Pod Vaping Systems Deliver the Nicotine That Smokers Require

Pod vaping systems such as the JUUL use a newer type of e-liquid called nicotine salt e-liquid to provide a stronger dose of nicotine than the small e-cigarettes of the past delivered. Research has shown that as a JUUL user, you can absorb nearly as much nicotine into your bloodstream as you would when smoking. When you’re making the transition to vaping – a transition that isn’t easy for all smokers – the stronger dose of nicotine is exactly what you need.

Pod Vaping Systems May Deliver More Nicotine Than Existing Vapers Need

The strong nicotine punch of a pod vaping system is perfect for a smoker who wants to try vaping for the first time. If you already vape, though, you might not want to use a vaping system with a nicotine strength of 50 mg because that’s significantly more nicotine than you currently consume. If you’re already completely satisfied by your current vaping setup, you might be happiest if you stick with that.

Pod Vaping Systems Are as Easy as Smoking

The cigarette is the most efficient nicotine delivery system that exists. Unlike other forms of smoking such as pipes and cigars, there’s no complicated ritual of packing, cutting or lighting with cigarettes. That’s part of what makes cigarettes so addictive. If you want to make the switch to vaping an easy one, you need an e-cigarette with that same level of simplicity. That’s what pod vaping systems deliver – just drop in a pod and puff. When the battery is dead, connect it to the charger. There’s all there is to pod vaping systems; no other vaping device is as easy to use.

Pod Vaping Systems May Be More Expensive to Use

When you use a pod vaping system like the JUUL, you enjoy the convenience that comes with using pre-filled pods. Unlike vaping systems with refillable tanks, pod vaping systems have no risk of leaking or spilling e-liquid on your hands. Every pod has a new atomizer coil built in, so pod vaping systems always taste fresh and deliver the best possible flavour. The drawback of that convenience is that pod vaping systems may cost more to use than vaping systems with refillable tanks. When you buy a pack of four JUUL pods, you’re getting four plastic enclosures and four new atomizer coils – but you’re also paying a little more than you would pay for bottled e-liquid.

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