Refillable JUUL Pods: Save $280 on JUUL Each Month

Refillable JUUL Pods: Save $280 on JUUL Each Month

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Refillable JUUL Pods: Save $280 on JUUL Each Month

Is the price of JUUL pods putting a strain on your wallet? Are you finding that refilling JUUL pods simply isn’t worth the hassle? You’re in luck! The JUUL is easily the most popular and best-known e-cigarette in the world. It’s so popular, in fact, that an entire ecosystem of third-party products has sprung up around it. One of the best aspects of the JUUL’s popularity is that you can now buy refillable JUUL pods!

Refillable JUUL Pods Let You Choose Your Own E-Liquid

Why should you try refillable JUUL pods rather than simply buying the standard pre-filled pods? For one, filling your own JUUL pods means that you can use whatever e-liquid you like. Are you tired of the small selection of pre-filled JUUL flavours? Is your favourite flavour (mango JUUL pods FTW!) always out of stock? There are hundreds of different e-liquid flavours in the world. Why limit yourself to just eight of them? An additional benefit of using refillable JUUL pods is that you can easily lower your nicotine intake if you like by buying lower-strength e-liquids.

Refillable JUUL Pods Can Save You $3,000 This Year

Freedom – that’s a huge benefit of using refillable JUUL pods. Do you know, though, what’s even better? The best part of using refillable JUUL pods is that they can save you as much as $3,000 per year.

Let’s do the math. One pack of four pre-filled JUUL pods costs $44. If you use a pod each day, that’s $11 per day. A pack of four refillable JUUL pods, on the other hand, costs $17 and will most likely last at least a month as long as you avoid coil-killing sweetened e-liquids. A 30 ml bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid costs $29 and fills more than 30 JUUL pods. Would you like to pay $46 instead of $330 per month to vape? That sounds like the deal of a lifetime to us!

How to Use the Again TEEL JUUL Pod

Here at Premium Vape, we sell Again TEEL pods. They come in packs of four, and they arrive empty and ready for filling. Once you get used to refilling your pods periodically, you’ll find that using these pods is much the same as using official JUUL pods.

Here’s how they work – it’s simple!

  • Take one of the pods out of the package and wiggle the mouthpiece gently to remove it.
  • Remove the black rubber stopper.
  • Place the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle between the outer wall of the pod and the chimney in the middle. Add e-liquid to the pod until the level of e-liquid reaches the fill line.
  • While squeezing the pod gently, replace the rubber stopper. Releasing the pod creates a partial vacuum that helps to prevent the pod from leaking.
  • Replace the mouthpiece.

Remember that there is one key difference between official JUUL pods and the Again TEEL refillable JUUL pod: By the time an official JUUL pod reaches you, it has already been filled with e-liquid for several weeks. The wick has had ample time to become saturated. When you’re using an empty pod for the first time, though, you need to wait several minutes for the wick to become completely wet before you begin vaping. Once you’ve done that, you can vape as normal and simply refill the pod whenever the level of e-liquid is low.

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