Third-Party JUUL Pods: Try New JUUL Flavours and Save Money

Third-Party JUUL Pods: Try New JUUL Flavours and Save Money

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Third-Party JUUL Pods: Try New JUUL Flavours and Save Money

Here at Premium Vape, we love the fact that the JUUL is the world’s most popular e-cigarette. It’s so popular that the JUUL itself has essentially become an industry within the vaping industry! All of the third-party JUUL products available mean that you can take an experience you already love – hitting your JUUL – and make it even better by injecting a little variety. You may even save some money in the process. Third-party JUUL pods are a perfect example of that. Are you tired of always vaping the same eight flavours? Do you wish that you could spend a little less on your JUUL pods? With third-party JUUL pods, you can experience new flavours and save some money without sacrificing the convenience of pods that arrive filled and ready to use.

In this article, we’ll describe the third-party JUUL pods here at Premium Vape. First, though, let’s learn a bit more about what the experience of using third-party JUUL pods is like.

What’s It Like to Use Third-Party JUUL Pods?

A third-party JUUL pod will give you exactly the same vaping experience you currently enjoy. Just push in the pod and vape. The manufacturers of these pods know what JUUL fans want, and that’s what they strive to deliver.

How Long do Third-Party JUUL Pods Last?

A third-party JUUL pod will last at least as long as an original JUUL pod – but many third-party pods last longer. That’s part of the value proposition; you’re not just spending less for the pods – you’re also getting pods that hold more e-liquid.

How Much do Third-Party JUUL Pods Cost?

Third-party JUUL pods always cost less than original JUUL pods!

Do Third-Party JUUL Pods Taste Good?

You bet they do. Manufacturers of third-party JUUL pods have partnered with some of the world’s best e-liquid makers to create some seriously mouth-watering blends.

J-Fit JUUL Pods

  • Pod Size:1 ml (42% more than original JUUL pods)
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% (same as original JUUL pods)
  • Price: $35 for four pods (20% less than original JUUL pods)

J-Fit JUUL pods aren’t just delicious alternatives to original JUUL pods; they also hold significantly more e-liquid per pod and cost less! Like original JUUL pods, J-Fit pods use nicotine salt e-liquids. The nicotine strength is the same. J-Fit is based in California in the United States.

Next, let’s discuss J-Fit’s range of flavours.


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Have you ever tasted the flavour of sweet, juicy grape flooding your mouth while hitting your JUUL? You haven’t – because there’s never been a grape JUUL pod before now! Grape JUUL pods by J-Fit is a deliciously sensuous red grape flavour that you will completely adore.


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Latte JUUL pods by J-Fit capture the experience of visiting your favourite coffee shop. With these pods, you’ll taste the bold flavour of espresso topped with steamed milk and finished with a sweet caramel drizzle. These pods may not contain caffeine, but they’ll certainly perk you up!


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There is definitely nothing better than a mango JUUL pod. Among the original JUUL pods, mango is by far the most popular flavour – and that means it’s sometimes a little difficult to find. Never fear, because now you can buy J-Fit mango JUUL pods instead! We think you’ll find them just as delicious – if not more so.


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Purpleberry by J-Fit is a pure, sweet candy flavour reminiscent of a grape gobstopper. The second grape flavour in the J-Fit JUUL pod lineup, this one is the sweeter of the two. It also has a slightly sour edge that’ll make your tongue tingle.


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J-Fit calls their tobacco JUUL pods “Secret Tobacco,” but we just call it “darn tasty.” If you’re still searching for the bold, rich tobacco e-liquid of your dreams – with the slightest hint of sweetness on the exhale – this might be the one.


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Everyone loves a big mouthful of watermelon candy. Watermelon JUUL pods by J-Fit deftly straddle the line between the flavours of watermelon hard candy and watermelon gummies, creating an experience that hits the entire palate at once.

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