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Again Teel

Brand: Again Teel

Again is the maker of TEEL, a JUUL®-compatible pod vaping system and the refillable pods that go along with it. Pre-filled pods might be tasty and satisfying, but as you know, they also suffer from one major problem: They cost far too much because they’re not designed for refilling. If you do decide to refill a pre-filled pod, we wish you luck because you’re probably going to experience leaking along with a world of other problems.

TEEL is designed from the ground up for easy refilling and repeated use. With TEEL, you can buy your favourite e-liquid by the bottle and dramatically cut your cost to vape.

With normal use, you can get several refills out of each Again TEEL pod before it’s time to discard it and begin using a new one. You’ll know it’s time for a new pod because you’ll experience decreased vapour production or poorer flavour than usual.

To get the best possible life out of your Again TEEL pods, avoid filling the pods with sweetened e-liquid. Sweetened e-liquid contains sucralose, which leaves a residue that creates a burned flavour and chokes off the flow of e-liquid to the coil. Use unsweetened e-liquid whenever possible to enjoy the longest life with your Again TEEL pods.