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Bogan Brews

Brand: Bogan Brews

The vaping community is a truly global one, and when you buy e-liquid here in New Zealand, you’ve almost always buying something imported from abroad. The United States has become the world’s largest e-liquid producer, and there are also some great vape juices out of the United Kingdom and Malaysia that have achieved worldwide distribution. Sometimes, though, you might like to try something made a little closer to home — something that caters to your unique palate. That’s Bogan Brews, the most popular e-liquid to come out of Australia.

Bogan Brews is the brainchild of The Vaping Bogan, a YouTube vaping personality. We feel that this e-liquid line expresses the unique character of the Australian vaping community, and we’re proud to carry it here in New Zealand.

So, which Bogan Brews vape juice should you try first? We think they’re all great — but if you ask us, Fair Dinkum is the perfect introduction to the brand because it’s like a trip to an Australian orchard in a bottle. It tastes like a big pitcher of freshly pressed apple juice poured into a glass filled with sliced peaches and a handful of the summer’s freshest berries. It’ll certainly qualify as an all-day vape for any fruit fan.