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Candy King

Brand: Candy King

Candy King is one of the most famous e-liquid makers in the United States, and they’ve earned that fame by creating vape juices that taste just like the most popular candies. This e-liquid brand is an absolute must if you like your vape juices a bit on the sweeter side, but sweetness isn’t the only thing that Candy King has going for it. As every true candy aficionado knows, a perfectly balanced candy delivers something more than just sugar; a real candy lover loves an experience with a bit of tartness to balance out the sweetness. That’s exactly the kind of experience you’ll have with Candy King e-liquid.

So, which Candy King vape juice should you try first? For us, it’s not even a contest; we are confirmed die-hard fans of Candy King’s Lemon Drop e-liquid. If you’ve tried a few lemon e-liquids, you know that lemon is a notoriously difficult flavor to capture in a vape juice. Sometimes, a lemon e-liquid comes off tasting like furniture polish, but that’s not the case here; Lemon Drop is a perfect recreation of everyone’s favourite lemon candy. With its perfect balance of sweet and sour lemony goodness, it’s a perfect introduction to what Candy King has to offer.