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When one of the world’s oldest and most respected e-cigarette brands releases a pod system, the vaping community stands up and takes notice. myblu has been in the vaping industry for a long time, and they understand what the smokers of the world want. The myblu system represents the culmination of years of product development, and its drop-in pods are so easy to use that you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch to vaping years ago.

myblu is a truly beginner-friendly vaping option that’s designed with the needs of the smoker in mind. Just charge the battery with the included USB cable, drop in a pod and enjoy. Kiss your old days as a smoker goodbye, and enjoy your new smoke-free lifestyle. It’s that easy with myblu.

What Makes myblu One of the Top E-Cigarette Brands?

Just looking at it in comparison to the other pod vapes on the market, it’s obvious that myblu is different from other pod systems and is definitely not just a clone of the most popular pod systems. Aside from the fact that Blu is one of the world’s oldest and most respected vaping brands, what makes the myblu system so special?

  • myblu LiquidPods have an absolutely spectacular selection of flavours drawn from the Blu brand’s legendary stable of e-liquids. Flavours like Classic Blend, Fresh Menthol and Blueberry have been refined to perfection over more than a decade and are tried-and-true stalwarts of the vaping industry.
  • The myblu system uses slightly lower nicotine strengths – 0.8% and 1.6% – than some other pod systems to deliver a vaping experience that’s incredibly smooth and completely devoid of harshness.
  • myblu might be a little bigger than some other pod systems, but that’s because it features a massive pod capacity of 5 ml of e-liquid that’s good for about 230 puffs – more than double the pod size of some other brands – and a 350 mAh battery.
  • The larger pod size means that myblu delivers superb value for the money. With our exclusive bulk myblu LiquidPod deals, you can save even more money on your purchase.
What myblu Starter Kits Are Available?

One of the best features of the myblu pod system is the fact that there’s a starter kit available for every conceivable need. The starter kits cost a low $18.99 and include the device, charging cable and two myblu LiquidPods in your choice of flavour. We suggest considering these packages if you’re looking for a vape starter kit that makes the transition from smoking to vaping as easy as it can be.

Do myblu LiquidPods Contain Nicotine?

Yes. myblu LiquidPods are available in a standard nicotine strength of 0.8% (9 mg/ml) and an “Intense” nicotine strength of 1.6% (18 mg/ml). myblu Intense LiquidPods use nicotine salt e-liquid.

What Are the Best myblu LiquidPod Flavours?

You can expect each myblu LiquidPod to last through about 1-2 days of vaping, so unless you buy a starter kit that includes several packs of pods, you’re going to want to add some extra pods to your cart before checking out so you won’t run out of pods too quickly. If you’re having trouble choosing which myblu LiquidPods to try first, try one of these customer favourites.

Classic Blend

Classic Blend is Blu’s signature tobacco vape juice flavour. The folks at Blu understand that people often looking for tobacco e-liquids at first. If you were a smoker, you’re probably looking for an e-liquid that delivers some of the savoury, nutty and slightly sweet notes that you enjoyed in tobacco. Classic Blend has gone through a great deal of refinement over the years, and it’s a flavour designed from the ground up to provide maximum enjoyment.

Café Latte

If you’re switching to vaping as part of a smoking cessation program, Café Latte myblu LiquidPods are designed to deliver a flavour reminiscent of enjoying the taste of coffee while you satisfy your need for nicotine. Blu’s Café Latte vape juice has a nice, savoury coffee flavour with just a touch of sweetness, and it’s not just a great e-liquid for coffee fans. It’s also a perfect choice if you’re looking for an alternative to a tobacco flavour. This bold coffee e-liquid satisfies the palate in a way that’s very reminiscent of tobacco.

Green Apple

As many different flavour profiles as there are in the world of e-liquid, sour flavours remain poorly represented. Well, the folks at Blu have taken care of that with their brilliant Green Apple vape juice. While most of the fruity e-liquids in the world are very sweet, Blu’s Green Apple LiquidPods take the fruity flavour paradigm in a different direction by delivering a slightly tart experience that’s guaranteed to keep your palate interested all day long. This flavour is an absolute must if you’re looking for a vaping experience that’s a bit different from the rest.

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