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Bogan Brew® Salts & Juul Compatible Empty Pods *PROMO*

Category: Bogan Brew® Salts & Juul Compatible Empty Pods *PROMO*

Have you ever looked at a box of vape pods and discovered that the e-liquid in the pods actually comes from China? That’s right; many of the vape pods on the market don’t actually come from anywhere near you. Wouldn’t you rather experience what it’s like to enjoy an e-liquid that’s made locally and arrives at your door completely new and fresh? That’s what Bogan Brew e-liquid is all about, and we’re making it easier than ever to try Bogan Brew Salts e-liquid by offering this famous e-liquid along with a box of Again TEEL® JUUL®-compatible pods at a special promotional price.

That’s right; there’s no need to buy an entirely new vaping device just so you can try a bottle of locally made e-liquid. With this package, you can enjoy the delicious vape juice from Bogan Brew — and any other e-liquid that you might like to try, in fact — with your JUUL® device.

To use, remove an Again TEEL® pod from the pack and fill it with your fresh bottle of Bogan Brew e-liquid. Close the pod and place it in your JUUL® or compatible vaping system. Wait at least five minutes for the pod’s wick to become completely saturated with e-liquid before you vape.