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Category: 50MG Nicotine Salt-Nic e-liquid

Among users of nicotine salt e-liquid, the most popular nicotine strength is 50 mg because it’s the nicotine strength that delivers a similar level of satisfaction to what you’d experience from smoking a cigarette. When you use a nicotine salt e-liquid with a strength of 50 mg, you’ll also experience a solid throat hit that’s very similar to the sensation that smoking gives you. The e-liquids on this page, therefore, are perfect for you if you’re switching from a pre-filled pod system like the JUUL® to a refillable pod system that uses bottled e-liquid. This is a also a good nicotine strength to choose if you are currently a smoker and are about to try vaping for the first time.

Since 50 mg is the most popular strength for nicotine salt e-liquids, you’ll find some of the most famous e-liquid brands in the world on this page — and we’re always interested in adding more brands to our collection. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a favourite brand of nicotine salt vape juice that isn’t featured on this page. We listen to our customers’ feedback. We’ll add your favourite brand to our store if we can, so you can enjoy lightning-fast shipping from our New Zealand warehouse.