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0.8% (9MG) Strength Pods

Category: 0.8% (9MG) Strength Pods

Since the pod-based category of vaping devices first emerged, pod systems have traditionally been higher-nicotine vaping options marketed primarily to current smokers who are just beginning their transitions from smoking to vaping. A pod system typically uses a high-strength nicotine salt e-liquid to deliver nicotine to the body almost as efficiently as a tobacco cigarette. That’s perfect when you’re just beginning the transition to your new life as a nonsmoker. After completing the switch, though, you may decide that you would like to begin reducing your nicotine intake. Vaping makes that easy because many e-liquid and pod makers allow you to choose between different nicotine strengths.

On this page, we offer pre-filled 0.8% (9 mg/ml) vape pods. These are some of the lowest-strength pods that we offer at Premium Vape, so if you are stepping down your nicotine intake, these pods might be your last step before you become completely nicotine free.

While these pods may be low in nicotine, they will not force you to compromise your satisfaction because they’re designed from the ground up to produce thick, creamy vapour clouds that you will absolutely love to blow across a room. These 9 mg pods are in stock and ready to ship from our New Zealand warehouse.