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4% (40MG) Strength Pods

Category: 4% (40MG) Strength Pods

These 4% (40 mg/ml) nicotine pods are at the higher end of the nicotine strength spectrum, making them a perfect choice if you are new to vaping or if you are already a full-time vaper and are looking to step down from a higher nicotine strength.

Are you a first-time vaper buying your first pack of pods? Nicotine salt e-liquids and pods tend to come in two strengths: a lower strength around 25-30 mg and a higher strength of 50+ mg. Compared to a tobacco cigarette, the 50 mg strength delivers about the same amount of nicotine per vaping session. The 40 mg strength on this page delivers a little less nicotine than a cigarette, so it is a good nicotine strength to use if you are only an occasional smoker or if you want to switch to vaping while also slightly reducing the amount of nicotine that you consume.

These 40 mg vape pods deliver smooth, pure flavour with an assertive and satisfying throat hit. This is one of the most popular nicotine strengths that we sell here at Premium Vape, and we think that it is a good choice for beginners and vaping enthusiasts alike. They’re in stock and ready to ship out of our New Zealand warehouse.