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Category: 6% (60MG) Strength Pods

Since the beginning of the current nicotine salt e-liquid trend, the highest nicotine strength that most vape pod and e-liquid makers offered was 50 mg. The vaping industry never stops evolving, though, and now you can buy replacement vape pods in an even higher strength of 6% (60 mg/ml). These pods pack a serious punch, and they are the highest-strength pods that we sell here at Premium Vape.

When you vape these 60 mg pods, you can expect the flavour to have a peppery backbone, and you can also expect to experience a very strong throat hit.

Due to the very high strength of these pods, this isn’t the nicotine strength that we recommend purchasing if you are new to vaping. For most smokers making the switch to vaping, the 50 mg nicotine strength is more appropriate. There are a few heavier smokers, however, who have tried the 50 mg nicotine strength and didn’t quite find it satisfying enough. If that’s the case for you, we think that you’ll be very happy with these higher-strength pods. They’re available in a huge variety of flavours, so we’re certain that you’ll find an experience you love. Ships fast from our New Zealand warehouse!