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Here at Premium Vape, we are proud to carry the best vape pens and vaping devices in New Zealand — and you can find all of them right here on this page. We are, of course, your one-stop shop for JUUL® in New Zealand, and you’ll find our selection of JUUL kits here. You might, however, also like to explore the rest of what the vaping world has to offer. Each device has its own selection of flavours. Some have superior battery life. Others have larger pods. While many vaping devices look similar to one another, they’re often entirely different under the hood. We offer the widest possible variety of vaping devices right here to serve every need.

You’ll have the best possible introduction to the world of vaping if you take a bit of time to do a little research before buying, and we’re here to guide you if you need a helping hand. Get in touch with our friendly vaping experts and tell us a bit about your needs and where you are in your vaping journey. We’ll explain the pros and cons of the devices available here at Premium Vape and help guide you to a vaping system that you’ll love.