FOGG Disposable Pod Vaping Device: Grape 3x pack

$32.23 USD

Availability: In stock

The JUUL is a great vaping device, but it comes with some significant problems. How many times have you been dead in the water because you forgot to charge your battery? How many times has a JUUL pod leaked on your hands or in your pocket? Are you sick of the fact that your favourite JUUL flavours are never in stock at any vape shop? Here’s the answer. The FOGG disposable pod vaping system works just as well as a JUUL, but you throw it away when you’re done. Three to a pack – charged, filled and ready to use.

Unlike most grape e-liquids that draw their inspiration from grape candy, the FOGG grape disposable pod vaping device attempts to invoke the flavour of beautifully balanced grapes grown in the fertile volcanic soil of Italy. Enjoy about 900 puffs of pure sensory bliss in every pack.

  • Pod Size: About 300 puffs (3 devices per pack)
  • Nicotine Strength: 5%
  • Flavour Notes: European grape

 Fast and free shipping via DHL to New Zealand Australia and worldwide.

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