FOGG Disposable Pod Vaping Device: PurpleBerry 3x pack

$32.23 USD

Availability: In stock

We’ve finally found the ultimate vaping solution for anyone who craves convenience, and it is the FOGG disposable pod vaping system. The FOGG is a disposable vaping system that’s pre-charged and ready to use – and when it’s empty, you’ll throw it away. Nothing could be easier. Three disposable vaping devices per pack. Why create an e-liquid with the flavour of just one type of berry when you could create an amazing blend that pleases almost anyone? That’s what FOGG Vapor had in mind when they created PurpleBerry. When sweet and tart strawberry, blueberry and raspberry collide, you know something special is going to happen in your mouth.
  • Pod Size: About 300 puffs (3 devices per pack)
  • Nicotine Strength: 5%
  • Flavour Notes: Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry
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