Genuine Starter Kit V2 inc 2x pods

$51.93 USD

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Ready to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping? Vaping is taking the smoking world by storm and this device is by far the most popular pod system. These are not the giant vape devices you see the youth sucking on, this device is a small, discrete vape pen that is designed to be as close to the feel and action of puffing on a cigarette. Its easy to use and super reliable.

One of the cool things about these vape devices is there is no button, simply puff on the mouth piece and the device will produce vapor automatically. Want to know how much charge is left on your vape device? Just tap it twice and the LED will indicate level of charge -green means ok/full, yellow is part charged and red means its getting low and it's time to re-charge. Note: You must have a pod inserted top check charge level.

A Genuine Starter kit is the best way to start as you get everything you need to swap from cigarettes. With this kit you get to try 2x popular flavours.

Key Features of the JUUL Starter Kit:

The Genuine Starter Kit includes a set of pod refills (1 each of Virginia Tobacco & Cool Mint) that include 5% nicotine by weight -50mg of nicotine. Each pod contains 0.7ml of e-liquid which gives you around 200 puffs per refill. 

We only sell genuine pods and devices sourced direct from USA supplier 

Premium Vape ships fast and free via DHL to Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

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