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JUUL® Rich Tobacco 1.6% UK Pod -4x pack New Technology


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Latest version direct from the UK with lower nicotine level.

  • Sweet and earthy tobacco flavours. 1.6% nicotine strength
  • Each pack contains 4 pods.
  • Each pod contains 0.7ml of e-liquid & 18mg/ml nicotine by volume / 1.6% nicotine by weight

JUUL Rich Tobacco combine the full bodied flavours of Virginia Tobacco with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Perfect if you are making the switch to vaping.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Rich Tobacco 1.6% strength / 18mg nicotine

Sooo, I am a ride-or-die juuler, have been for over two years now and, how do I put this.... I. religiously. only. use. JUUL. PERIOD. Get your alt out of my face, i dont care how much cheaper haiz pods are, keep it mooooovin.

Anyway, since moving back to NZ I was pleasantly surprised that Cosmic NZ sold Juul pods, however their ability to manage their stock levels efficiently are close to a child's ability to not touch candy before they're allowed... (Zero effing ability if anyone was still confused) So I ventured the net and found premium vape and have literally never.looked.back. They are so great with service, quick turnaround and always ship on an overnight service. Sometimes the postman isn't so accommodating but thats a different story for a different day. Anyway, back to juul and premium vape. I was (actually still am) ride or die for Juul USA Virginia Tobacco Pods 5% (not. three. percent. god dammit.) and my heart sunk into my butt when i jumped on to re-order and saw they're out of stock too. Cmon COVID... Luckily PV have saved the day by offering juul UK pods, we all know they are far inferior to their US cousin but I will say this - UK Golden Tobacco doesn't taste similar to US Virginia but UK Rich Tobacco, that is a sweet savior from the angels at premium vape above. It's definitely not the same amount of goodness per pod, you dont feel quite the same ooomph you do when you get a good virginia hit however it does the trick my friends!!!!

The ONLY reason this review doesn't have five stars is directed at JUUL themselves - Why is Rich Tobacco Pods the same price/more than Virginia Tobacco Pods when the nicotine amount is a quater or third. Lots of people I see in the reviews saying their pods leaking, I dont have that issue but the pod dissapears way way quicker than a virginia tobacco pod would. A pack of four virginia tobaccos would easily last me a week. A pack of four UK rich tobacco - I'm lucky if two packs of pods per week are cutting it... Expensive habit but like I said I'm loyal to the bitter end. Dreaming of the days when Virginia tobacco and I reunite but I'll stay loyal to PV till then as long as Rich Tobacco sticks around to fill the void <3 and Ill be even more of an advocate if the price for Rich Tobacco Pods reflected how much weaker they are compared to virginia xoxoxox

Nice 👍🏽

Really hits the spot


Great service alway delivered on time

Once You’ve Tried Virgin Tobacco You Will Never Go Back!

If you prefer the authentic flavour of a cigarette to the sickly sweet flavours, go the Rich Tobacco JUUL pods. You get just enough attitude to satisfy your craving for the good old days when smoking was not a taboo and vaping was not an option.. The smooth earthy flavour satiate my tastebuds without experiencing the rough edged impact of a cigarette.

JUUL Rich Tobacco

Great flavour

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