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Myle® Iced Apple Mango 5% V3 Pods



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Everyone loves a tasty mango pod, but sometimes a little variation on that classic flavour is just what the doctor ordered. Are we right? These Iced Apple Mango pods take a cue from the fertile minds of the famous Malaysian e-liquid makers and combines a sweet fruit base with a touch of cooling menthol to give you the effect of eating your favourite fruit served over crushed ice. You’ll taste the same great fresh mango note as in the original Mango Myle pods, but here the sweetness of the mango is tempered by a crisp green apple note. It’s the perfect flavour combination to pair with a bit of menthol, and we think that you’ll find these pods unbelievably refreshing.

These are the latest V3 pods from Myle and work best with the latest Myle V3 device but will work with the older V2 Myle device. The Myle device is sleek and modern, and its larger pods are great value. We love Myle’s eight tasty flavours, and we highly recommend the device if you’re looking for a an alternative that’s more affordable without making any compromises in taste or technology.

  • Pod size: 9 ml
  • Nicotine strength: 5%
  • Flavour notes: Tart apple, sweet mango, menthol
  • Pack size: 4x pods
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Myle® Iced Apple Mango 5% Pods