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Myle® Iced Mint V3 Pods 5%



Availability: In stock

Are you looking for a vape pod with a flavour that’s clean, crisp and neutral enough for all-day vaping? Are you tired of spending too much to vape? So are we! That’s why we love the Myle® e-cigarette. Not only are Myle’s® eight great flavours unique and delicious, but the pods hold more e-liquid per pod than other systems. It’s a major win for vapers.

These Ice Mint pods by Myle® begin with a smooth peppermint base that’s perfectly crisp and has just a hint of sweetness to keep your palate tingling throughout the day. When you inhale the vapour, you’ll get that cool rush of menthol that you’re craving if you’re a former menthol cigarette smoker. Even if you’ve never tried another menthol vape pod, we think that this could become your next all-day vape.

These are the latest V3 pods from Myle and work best with the latest Myle V3 device but will work with the older V2 Myle device. The Myle device is sleek and modern, and its larger pods are great value. We love Myle’s eight tasty flavours, and we highly recommend the device if you’re looking for a an alternative that’s more affordable without making any compromises in taste or technology.
  • Pod size:9 ml
  • Nicotine strength:5%
  • Flavour notes:Mint, menthol
  • Pack Size:4x pods
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Not happy

I understand you are only a reseller, but 1 whole packet of these pods stopped working after a few puffs on my brand new V3 device. It’s happened 3-4 times now and I use to just put up with it now it’s just a waste of money going to try elsewhere.

Pod versions not mentioned on website

I have received myle pods for v3 device where as I have got the older device. As a result, pods are not fully compatible and are leaking. It should’ve been mentioned on the website that the pods are for newer device

Hi Prateek, thanks for your review. Myle V3 pods fit V2 or V3 devices however a Myle V3 device will only fit V3 pods correctly . If you use V2 pods in a V3 device they will work but are a little loose. Neither combination of pods/device will cause leaking however. If your pods are leaking (applies to any brand) it is usually caused by air bubbles in the pod. To help remove bubbles hold the pod up right and tap on a hard surface until you see all the bubbles float to the surface. Leave the pod for an hour or so to let the smaller bubbles disperse.
Great !

All around a great experience !