NICPODS JUUL®-Compatible Pods: Cherry


$29.00 NZD

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NICPODS JUUL®-Compatible Pods: Cherry

Flavoured pods are sometimes hard to come by in the United States, and they can be even harder to get here in New Zealand. That’s why we’re happy to present an alternative that’s easier to keep in stock and will save you a bunch of money. You’re tired of paying too much for your pods? So are we. NICPODS cost less than original pods, and they’re available in a greater variety of flavours. They’re a win for everyone. We love a great blend of fruit and tobacco flavours, and these cherry flavour pods by NICPODS offer a strong nicotine kick that suggests tobacco on the palate in the most delightful way. You might have enjoyed an occasional cherry tobacco blend when you were a smoker, and these compatible pods do an excellent job of recalling that pleasant memory. Sweet cherry and satisfying nicotine salts; it doesn’t get better than that!
  • Nicotine strength:5%
  • Flavour notes:Cherry
  Please remember that unlike genuine JUUL® pods most compatibles including this one do not have a temperature controlled coil so must be used more gently  to avoid burning out pod/coils. Avoid hard hits, puff gently for no more than 3 seconds then wait 30-60 seconds before next puff. Premium Vape ships fast and free via DHL to Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. All product trade marks and logos are the trade marks of their respective owners/affiliates and are not associated with Premium Vape in any way. Premium Vape is not associated with these companies or any of these companies’ affiliates, in any way.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Not great

Not the best

Mango Pods

One of my favourite flavours! Will definitely get it again!!

Mango Nic Pods

These don’t last five minutes so not as good a deal as they first seem. Better off paying the extra and buying authentic Juul pods. Nice flavour though.

Not bad

Burns a bit faster in my opinion. Misses the hit just a little bite but otherwise not bad.

Cherry Nic Pods

Taste okay but don’t last as long as an original Juul.