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Simply Salts Apple 35MG


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There might be plenty of apple e-liquids in the world, but the vast majority of those vape juices mimic the flavour of the same thing: sour apple candy. The e-liquids that don’t have the flavour of sour candy, meanwhile, are nearly always caramel apple vape juices. Where are the fresh apple e-liquids? Where are the apple juice e-liquids? Well, the people at Simply Salts have spotted a clear opening in the world of vape juice, and they’ve set out to correct that shortcoming. Simply Salts Apple is a pure and simple apple juice e-liquid that’s perfectly balanced between sweet and sour and refreshing enough that you will certainly want to vape it all day.

Nicotine salt is the hottest trend to sweep across the e-liquid industry in many years. Until recently, though, most New Zealand vapers have only been able to get nicotine salt e-liquid by importing it from regions such as the United States. Simply Salts is an e-liquid developed right here in New Zealand and designed specifically to appeal to the palates of New Zealand vapers. Simply Salts has very quickly become one of the most successful e-liquid brands in New Zealand, and we’re certain that you will not regret trying a bottle.

Simply Salts Apple flavour

30ml childproof PET bottle

VG/PG Ratio: 50/50

Ingredients: VG, PG, natural and artificial flavours, nicotine

Product of New Zealand

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