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Simply Salts Mango 35MG

Simply Salts

$29.00 (NZD) inc GST

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Around the world, the most popular e-liquids consistently have fruity flavours – and among those who use nicotine salt e-liquid, mango is always the most popular flavour. So, when Simply Salts set out to create a range of nicotine salt e-liquids made right here in New Zealand, there’s no way they could have done it without including a mango vape juice. Simply Salts Mango isn’t just the best mango e-liquid because it’s an authentic New Zealand e-liquid; it’s also the best because it’s made by vapers, for vapers. The folks at Simply Salts know every great mango e-liquid on the market, and they tested them all before deciding what they could bring to the table that was completely unique.

Simply Salts Mango is a singular vaping experience that straddles the line between mango candy and fresh mango flavours. You’ll taste different notes at various times depending on your vaping wattage and the type of pod system you’re using. Not too sweet, tart or musky, Simply Salts Mango is an unforgettable vape juice and one that we think you’ll love as much as we do. It’s sweet enough to vape as a dessert e-liquid, but it also has enough complexity that you’ll likely enjoy vaping it all day.

Simply Salts Mango flavour

30ml childproof PET bottle

VG/PG Ratio: 50/50

Ingredients: VG, PG, natural and artificial flavours, nicotine

Product of New Zealand

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Fire, absolute fire.. 🔥
very yummy