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Simply Salts Pineapple 20MG

Simply Salts

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What’s the signature fruit of the tropics? Some people might answer that question by mentioning a citrus fruit, and others might mention one of the big, sweet fruits like papaya or mango. If you ask us, though, we’d say that no fruit is as emblematic of the warm, rainy tropics as pineapple. There aren’t many fruits in the world that look more impressive than pineapple as the big, spiky fruit begins to develop, and no other tropical fruit has quite the same delicious complexity as pineapple.

A good pineapple is incredibly juicy, and it delivers a wonderfully balanced combination of sweet and sour flavours. If you’ve only ever eaten canned pineapple, you’re missing a big part of the fun because canned pineapple typically lacks the fruit’s signature tangy edge. A good pineapple has a high concentration of enzymes and actually makes your mouth tingle while you eat it. That’s the experience that Simply Salts Pineapple attempts to capture. Simply Salts is a new nicotine salt e-liquid line developed right here in New Zealand, and it’s been a huge smash across the country. The next time you’re about to buy some important e-liquid, try a bottle of Simply Salts instead and enjoy a true taste of New Zealand in a bottle.

Simply Salts Pineapple flavour

30ml childproof PET bottle

VG/PG Ratio: 50/50

Ingredients: VG, PG, natural and artificial flavours, nicotine

Product of New Zealand

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