Vuse Go XL Mango Ice disposable vape 1.8% -up to 1500 puffs*


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Hey there, vape enthusiast who wants to take their vaping experience to the next level! Look no further than VUSE GO XL MANGO ICE 1.8%. This bad boy of a disposable vape pen has an impressive 4.8 ml tank so you can get your vaping session on for hours and hours. And with the delicious mango ice flavouring, you’ll not get bored. So why not say goodbye to pesky refills and just get right down to tearing up clouds with this vape pen? After all, what’s more satisfying than kicking back and enjoying the flavour of mango ice while you blow huge delicious clouds? With VUSE GO XL MANGO ICE 1.8%, you’ll be having deep satisfaction with each puff, every time – and it won’t be long before you’re wondering why on earth you ever put up with those refillable tanks in the first place!


  • Battery – 800mAh built-in battery
  • Size – 4.8ml, approximately 1500 puffs*.
  • Nicotine Strength – 1.8% nicotine formula (20mg/ml).
  • Ingredients – Nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), glycerol (also known as vegetable glycerine or VG),
  • flavourings and benzoic acid.

    *in lab testing but probably not in real life. Unless you’re really careful…

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