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Eonsmoke JUUL-Compatible Pods: Mango


  • $35.00

As a JUUL user, you know that mango JUUL pods are popular – really popular. In fact, sometimes they can get a little hard to find – and as we all know, JUUL pods aren’t cheap! Here is a delicious alternative that’s easier to find and much less expensive. These JUUL-compatible pods from Eonsmoke will work with your JUUL e-cigarette, and they are absolutely delicious! Do you think that your current JUUL pods give you the real taste of biting into a slice of fresh, juicy mango? That’s only because you haven’t tasted the Eonsmoke version. These mango pods are seriously sweet and very addictive.

Eonsmoke JUUL-compatible pods are drop-in replacements for the JUUL pods you currently use. They’re also a far more affordable alternative – and not just because of the lower price. While JUUL pods contain .7 ml of e-liquid each, Eonsmoke pods contain 1 ml. Compared to JUUL pods, that’s like getting a free pod for every two that you buy.

  • Pod size: 1 ml
  • Nicotine strength: 6%
  • VG/PG ratio: 60/40
  • Flavour notes: mango

Please remember that unlike genuine Juul pods most compatibles including this one do not have a temperature controlled coil so must be used more gently  to avoid burning out pod/coils. Avoid hard hits, puff gently for no more than 3 seconds then wait 30-60 seconds before next puff.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Not a fan

Unfortunately the real Juul were sold out so I had to buy these. I find these ones leak a lot, and don’t last as long as a Juul pod (I’m going through 1.5 pods a day compared to 1 Juul pod every 2 days. The taste is not as good either and often has a burnt taste when it gets to the end.

Pink lemonade

Great flavour

Best Compatible Pods for Juul

Great Pods and Great Price *****


Not as good as the blueberry!


Eonsmoke JUUL-Compatible Pods: Pink Lemonade