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Brand: Uwell®

The Uwell brand has always been synonymous with flavour in the vaping industry, and that reputation stems largely from the company’s famed Crown sub-ohm tanks. The product designers at Uwell have never attempted to push the envelope in terms of designing equipment that wins cloud chasing competitions. Instead, they’ve always focused on the holistic vaping experience and developed products that produce incredibly rich and pure flavours. All of the knowledge Uwell has gained in their years of research and development has been brought forward to the new world of pod vaping systems and manifests itself in the Uwell Caliburn.

We’re happy to stock the amazing new Uwell Caliburn pod system right here in New Zealand at Premium Vape. In designing the Caliburn, Uwell worked hard to create a pod system with amazingly smooth airflow and top-notch flavour production. The pod’s dual parallel coils might be tiny, but they produce unbelievably thick and rich vapour clouds that allow you to taste every nuance of your favourite e-liquids. If you’re ready to upgrade from your pre-filled pod system to a new device with refillable pods, the Uwell Caliburn is the one you want. This is truly the pod system for those who put flavour first.