Eonsmoke JUUL-Compatible Pods: Pink Lemonade


  • $35.00

Do you ever find that your JUUL pods don’t seem to last as long as you’d like them to? Are you growing tired of the limited selection of JUUL pod flavours? It’s time to expand your horizons. Eonsmoke pods are 100-percent JUUL compatible – you don’t need to do anything but vape as you currently do. Now that JUUL has pulled their flavoured pods from most stores, those pods are going to become more difficult to find – but Eonsmoke pods will still be here.

These Pink Lemonade JUUL-compatible pods have a delightful pink lemonade flavour with a sweet and tart lemonade base and a hint of mixed red berries. The flavour is completely unlike that of any other JUUL pod you’ve tried, and that’s not even the best part. Eonsmoke pods hold over 40 percent more e-liquid than JUUL pods while costing less!

  • Pod size: 1 ml
  • Nicotine strength: 6%
  • VG/PG ratio: 60/40
  • Flavour notes: lemonade, mixed berries

Please remember that unlike genuine Juul pods most compatibles including this one do not have a temperature controlled coil so must be used more gently  to avoid burning out pod/coils. Avoid hard hits, puff gently for no more than 3 seconds then wait 30-60 seconds before next puff.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Not a fan

Unfortunately the real Juul were sold out so I had to buy these. I find these ones leak a lot, and don’t last as long as a Juul pod (I’m going through 1.5 pods a day compared to 1 Juul pod every 2 days. The taste is not as good either and often has a burnt taste when it gets to the end.

Pink lemonade

Great flavour

Best Compatible Pods for Juul

Great Pods and Great Price *****


Not as good as the blueberry!


Eonsmoke JUUL-Compatible Pods: Pink Lemonade