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If you’re on the hunt for the pod vape kit that delivers the best value for money – or you’re looking for a new vape that delivers an upgraded experience compared to your first e-cigarette without sacrificing the convenience of pre-filled pods – you’ve just found the vaping system that’s going to make you fall in love with vaping all over again. Here at Premium Vape, we are delighted to carry a full range of Bo Vaping™ device kits and Bo Caps for lightning-fast shipping to your door.

What Makes Bo Vaping™ One of the Top E-Cigarette Brands?

One of the things that makes buying a pod vaping system so challenging is the fact that, fundamentally, one pod system isn’t that different from the rest. Each one has a rechargeable battery and uses a disposable pre-filled pod – but it’s the details that matter.

So, what makes Bo Vaping™ different from the other e-cigarette brands?

  • Bo Vaping™ has really upped the ante in the styling department. The Bo One pod system makes the competition look positively ancient in comparison.
  • Bo Vaping™ uses a bigger pod size of 1.2ml or 1.4 ml. That’s nearly twice the capacity of the most popular pre-filled pod brand. Between the larger capacity and the lower price per pod, Bo Vaping™ delivers better value for money.
  • When you have a bigger pod, you need a bigger battery if you want to vape all day without recharging. The Bo One device might be small and stylish, but it houses a high-power 300 mAh battery.
  • Bo Vaping™ offers a superb selection of flavours. No other company gives you pre-filled pods with flavours like lemonade, fizzy orange, iced mango and raspberry wafer.
  • Bo Vaping™ is one of the only companies in the vaping industry that offers nicotine-free pods. If you want to use your Bo pod vape to reduce your nicotine intake, you can do it without ever switching to a refillable vaping device.
  • Bo Vaping™ offers a lifetime warranty on its device. You won’t find that anywhere else!
What Comes With the Bo One Device Kit?

The Bo One device kits include the Bo One device and a USB magnetic charging dock. To charge the battery, simply connect the charging dock to any USB port and drop in the device. The magnetic charger keeps the battery’s charging contacts aligned and helps to prevent the device from falling out of the cradle.

The Bo Vaping™ device kits do not include Bo Caps. Add at least one box of Bo Caps to your cart before checking out. Depending on how frequently you vape, you can expect each Bo Cap to last about 1-2 days.

Also keep an eye out for Bo Vaping™ starter kits that also include two caps to get your started. We’ll stock those when they’re available.

Do Bo Caps Contain Nicotine?

Bo Caps optionally contain nicotine at strengths of 5% and 4%. In general, we recommend choosing the higher nicotine strength if you’re new to vaping. Many people find that higher-nicotine e-liquid helps to make the transition from smoking to vaping as easy as possible. If you are already a full-time vaper – or you find the 5% strength harsh or difficult to inhale – you should use the lower strength.

Nicotine-free Bo Caps are also stocked when available.

What Are the Best Bo Cap Flavours?

You’ll want to add some Bo Caps to your cart before you check out. Which flavour will you choose? We have a few suggestions that we think you’ll love.

Gold Tobacco

There are two different tobacco flavours in the Bo Vaping™ range. If you’re looking for the tobacco flavour that provides the best replacement for cigarettes, you’re probably going to want to try them both. Between the two, though, Gold Tobacco is our favourite. People who have successfully switched from smoking to vaping have consistently reported that e-liquids with sweet flavour profiles have helped them stay away from cigarettes. Gold Tobacco flavour captures the perfect balance of the savoury and sweet ends of the tobacco flavour spectrum.

Ice Mango

If you’re new to vaping, we’ll give you a hint that can make your first experience with an e-cigarette even better: Your first mango e-liquid will change your life. If you’re still a smoker and haven’t begun your transition to vaping yet, you probably think of your ideal e-liquid in terms of something that can replace cigarettes. If that’s the case, you should definitely try a tobacco or menthol flavour – but you should also know that most people who vape prefer fruity and sweet flavours. This combination of sweet mango and chilly menthol is an absolute must-try flavour for everyone who owns a Bo Vaping™ device.

Fizzy Orange

As you can see from viewing this page, there is an enormous variety of fruity flavours available for the Bo One vaping system – and Fizzy Orange is probably the most unique of them all. Orange isn’t common as an e-liquid flavour. Few companies offer e-liquids or pods with orange flavours, and this orange soda e-liquid absolutely hits the spot.

5% (50MG) Strength
4% (40MG) Strength

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