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Eonsmoke Review: Best JUUL®-Compatible Pods?

The JUUL® e-cigarette is the best known and most popular vaping product of all time. With a 70-percent share of the retail vaping market in the United States alone, the JUUL®’s success is surely the envy of the entire industry. Never before has a vaping device been so popular that it spawned an entire market

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How to Troubleshoot a Leaking JUUL®

A JUUL® pod is an incredibly tiny vaping tank that serves a few important purposes. It’s intended to allow fresh air in and allow vapour out while holding e-liquid in a reservoir – and it’s supposed to prevent leaking even though it has multiple holes. The fact that the JUUL® pod does its job at

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mybluTM Review and Guide: The Next-Generation Pod Vaping System

To say that pod systems have been influential on the vaping industry would be a major understatement. Pod systems haven’t just influenced the vaping industry; they’ve completely changed what a new vaper expects his or her first starter kit to look like. Cigarette-shaped e-cigarettes? Nobody’s paying attention to those these days because, in comparison to

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Does Vaping Trigger Fire Alarms?

Whether you’re at home or in another indoor location, fire alarms are a constant fact of life. A fire alarm helps to keep you safe – but if you’re a smoker, you’re well aware that cigarette smoking can also trigger fire alarms. So, does vaping trigger fire alarms like smoking? As you’re about to learn,

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How to Vape With the myblu Pod Vaping System

No one starts vaping as an expert. With the wide array of differences between devices and the sometimes confusing terminology permeating the vaping community, reading about vaping can almost seem like learning a foreign language if you’re still a smoker and haven’t made the switch yet. Never fear! We’ve written this guide especially for you.

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How to Clean the JUUL®

If we asked you to describe the JUUL® in one word, ‘cheap’ probably isn’t the first word that would spring to mind. It’s probably the world’s most famous e-cigarette and has helped millions of people around the world make the switch from smoking to vaping. JUUL® owners rightfully love their devices, and they want to

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