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11 Facts about JUUL

Impress Your Friends With These 11 Little-Known JUUL® Facts

JUUL® isn’t just the world’s best-known vaping device; it’s a cultural touchstone that has singlehandedly convinced millions of former smokers around the world to put down their cigarettes for good. The brand inspires as much devotion among its users as famous luxury brands like Apple, and if you’re a JUUL® user, you know exactly what

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best vape pen NZ

How to Buy the Best Vape Pen in NZ

The Simple Guide to Buying Your First Vape Pen If you’re thinking about getting into vaping for the first time, you’ve probably done a bit of research by reading vape pen reviews online. It’s always useful to read the opinions of experts, but the secret about most vaping review sites is that the site owners

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Can You Bring JUUL on a Plane

Can You Bring JUUL® on a Plane?

Your Complete JUUL® Travel Guide for New Zealand Are you thinking about bringing your JUUL® on a plane? We have some good news for you because traveling with your vape gear isn’t like it used to be. It wasn’t long ago that anyone traveling with vape gear took the risk of having that gear confiscated

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Fake Juul Pods

What Are the Risks of Off-Brand or Fake JUUL® Pods?

Everyone wants to save money on vape gear. That’s especially true among JUUL® users because – let’s face it – the pods aren’t cheap. So, you’ve probably spent some time online trying to find the cheapest JUUL® pods available. In the process of doing that, you’ve discovered that the vaping industry has a dark side:

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Buy JUUL in Australia

Buy JUUL® in Australia: Lightning-Fast Shipping From New Zealand

JUUL® is the world’s most popular e-cigarette. It ushered in the era of pod vaping systems, and it popularized nicotine salt e-liquid. It delivers nicotine almost as efficiently as a tobacco cigarette, and it has enabled millions of people around the world to switch from smoking to vaping relatively easily. There is one thing, however,

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Can Australians Buy Nicotine Liquids From New Zealand

Can Australians Buy Nicotine E-Liquid From New Zealand?

Recent estimates suggest that about 41 million people around the world vape. That’s an incredible number of people no longer filling their lungs with tar or subjecting those around them to second-hand smoke. In spite of the huge benefit that vaping has had for public health and for indoor air quality around the world, though,

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