JUUL® 2 Starter Kit (UK) with 2x Pods


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Introducing the all new JUUL® 2 from JUUL® Labs. JUUL® have taken the world famous JUUL® pod vaping system and made it even better. Get started today with this JUUL® 2 Starter Kit with 2x Pods, direct from the UK.


JUUL® 2 comes with a whole new set of 1.6% nicotine strength flavours that contain 70% more e-liquid than original JUUL® pods! JUUL® was the first e-cigarette brand to give users a cigarette-like satisfaction and that has improved even more with this new line.


The new JUUL® 2 device not only looks like a true luxury consumer item it performs too with 20% more battery capacity than the original device plus enhanced draw and vapour, allowing it to deliver more nicotine with lower-strength e-liquid. The device also includes a smart interface which tells you the charge status, battery level, e-liquid level plus includes a pod authentication system. The new JUUL® 2 device will only work with authentic JUUL® 2 pods.


Important: JUUL® 2 and the original JUUL® are NOT COMPATIBLE. The batteries, pods and chargers are not interchangeable between device generations. The JUUL® 2 device will function ONLY with genuine JUUL® 2 pods. It will not work with original JUUL® pods or JUUL® compatible pods.


This genuine JUUL® 2 Starter Kit includes:

  • Rechargeable JUUL® 2 device by JUUL® Labs
  • USB magnetic charger
  • 1x JUUL® 2 Virginia Tobacco 1.6% 2 pod pack
  • 1x JUUL® 2 Crisp Menthol 1.6% 2 pod pack

Getting started with JUUL2 is easy:

  1. Begin by fully charging your JUUL® 2 device (see below)
  2. Connect a pod to the JUUL® 2 battery. The indicator lights should flash white to indicate that the pod is authentic. The lights will then flash purple to indicate the pod’s remaining e-liquid level (a single purple light means that it’s nearly time to replace the pod).
  3. Tap the side of your JUUL® 2 device twice and it will show the remaining battery level. Each LED indicates 25% battery so four LEDs shows 100% charge.
  4. Puff on the device’s mouthpiece to vape. Use gentle air pressure when puffing to avoid overwhelming the pod’s airflow capacity and getting e-liquid in your mouth. To get the biggest vapour clouds possible, take long, slow puffs.

Charging your JUUL2 device:

  1. Connect the charging cradle to your computer’s USB port. Don’t use a mobile phone or you may damage the battery.
  2. Place the JUUL® 2 device in the magnetic charging cradle aligning the charge contacts (indicator lights facing up).
  3. The lights will begin to pulse white to indicate that the battery is charging.
  4. When all four lights are solidly lit, the battery is fully charged. The charging process takes about one hour.

We only sell genuine JUUL® pods and devices.

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Trevor Heaton
give it a try

I don't write reviews ever. But after using premium vape for several years, I have written a few, I want people to know that the service is amazing, the speed of delivery is amazing, the ease of use of the website could use a little tweak but is still very easy to use.

They only sell quality products. I would definitely recommend them.

Their helpdesk is so quick to respond (Thanks Jess) and they treat you like you are a Rockstar not just a number!

If you want quality products at a great price with the best customer service ever (this coming from an aussie, talking about people from over the ditch :) so it means something) then shop with premium vape!

We may beat you in all things sport! :) But you win hands down when it comes to excellence!

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