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STLTH FLAVOURLESS 2 pod pack 50mg/ml


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Looking for a clean and crisp vape experience? Check out our new flavourless STLTH pods! These replacement cartridges are specifically designed for use with STLTH devices, and are available in 20mg/ml or 50mg/ml nicotine strength. Whether you’re new to vaping or a experienced smoker looking to switch to vaping, our flavourless pods are the perfect choice for you! Plus, we offer free DHL delivery for all Australian customers. So what are you waiting for? Order your flavourless STLTH pods today!

Made in Canada from only the best ingredients STLTH pods include 2ml of liquid. STLTH pods are designed to be extra smooth to accomodate adult smokers.

  • FLAVOURLESS e-liquid
  • Pack of 2
  • Each pod contains 2.0ml of e-liquid
  • 5% nicotine (50mg/ml nicotine)

We only sell genuine STLTH pods and STLTH devices sourced direct from Canada.

Australian customers: all our nicotine products are TGO-110 compliant and eligible for import under the TGA Personal Importation Scheme.

All products ship fast and free (minimum order value applies) from our NZ warehouse via DHL Express and Courier Post depending on your location. We currently deliver to New Zealand from premiumvape.co.nz. Our international site premiumvape.com ships nicotine vapes to Australia, Canada, Japan and over 100 other countries. See Where We Ship Vape Gear for more details.

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Customer Reviews

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Love the flavourless, odourless nature of this. Great for when you need to hit the craving in stlth.

Doesn’t leave or spit any sticky residue on your lips. It’s not so sweet and still gives you the smoking experience without leaving any unwanted smells or tastes lingering. I have multiple devices and although I prefer my duul, it doesn’t have a flavourless option. So this flavour of the stlth is my favourite above any and as said I find it doesn’t leak or spit as much as the other flavours. I would recommend this item especially If you get nauseous as the lack of flavour doesn’t make you feel sick. Would love more options in terms of nicotine strength though as I’m trying to quit smoking and limit nicotine amount, it’s a little too easy to over do it as it’s so smooth and easy to use, you can be using for a while before you realise how much you have had and get the shakes.

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