Vorteke Puk Hybrid Vape Pod – Menthol 35mg/ml


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Unleash the chill: Vorteke puk. 10ml 35mg/ml pod in Menthol delivers up to 4000 puffs!


With Vorteke, every flavour is a story, a sensation, an experience. Delve into our newest offering: an arctic embrace that promises to awaken and refresh.


The Menthol Mirage:


Journey with the Menthol Vorteke puk. Pod and let each breath be a descent into a winter wonderland. Feel the cool embrace of pure menthol, an icy touch that invigorates, refreshes, and awakens. It’s more than just a flavor; it’s a sensation, where each draw is a symphony of coolness, echoing with the purity of snow-capped peaks.


Why Vorteke puk. Pod in Menthol?


❄️ Pure Iciness: A pristine blend capturing the very essence of menthol, delivering an experience that is as refreshing as a winter morning.


🌬️ Consistent Coolness: From the brisk initial sensation to the lingering chill, every puff is an arctic adventure, promising a refreshing respite from the ordinary.


🌿 Eco-Cool: Revel in this frosty delight, knowing that your choice is backed by our commitment to sustainability through the puk. battery.


Technical specs:

  • Puff Duration: A breathtaking 4000 puffs
  • eLiquid Volume: A crisp 10mL.
  • Compatibility: precision-crafted for the puk. battery
  • Maximise the frosty sensations with Vorteke’s environmentally-conscious puk. battery here.

A Symphony of Sensations: While the Menthol blend offers a dive into icy realms, our Vorteke puk flavour palette (9x and counting) is an odyssey through sensory landscapes, each more mesmerizing than the last.


Plunge into the Vorteke puk. Pod in Menthol, where every puff is an articulation of pure refreshment. Allow the chilling currents to whisk you away, offering solace, stimulation, and serenity. Embrace the chill, embrace the thrill with Vorteke Menthol!


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